What's ...in the Algarve all about? 

It's really very simple. Even in 2015, there are still many small businesses and service providers that either have no internet presence or only use social media sites such as Facebook to get their online message across.

While social media sites are always a part of an internet marketing strategy, not everyone who uses the internet subscribes to social media.  (3 billion internet users, 1.25 billion Facebook users)

This is where ...in the Algarve comes in.

What we offer:

...in the Algarve provides a single webpage in which details about your business or service may be displayed.  Text and/or graphics are supported.  We will create a subdomain of our inthealgarve.com website domain to provide a unique web address for your business, ie yourbusiness.inthealgarve.com. We encourage advertisers to utilise this address in their advertising. We also submit your new webpage to search engines such as Google, to help your new potential customers find you online.  Have a look at our PACKAGES page for more details.

Privacy Policy:

As a viewer of this site, you should know that we collect no personal information about you.  Information about your visit on the site is analysed for statistical purposes.  This type of data would typically be, but is not limited to, what page you entered the website on, how long you stayed, what other pages you viewed and what (if any) website you viewed upon leaving ...in the Algarve.

As an advertiser, information provided on your behalf such as postal address, phone numbers, email addresses etc is not retained anywhere except on your webpage. While we do not use this information, by the fact that it is displayed prominently on your page, it will be available for others to see and use.  At no time do we provide any information to any third party.

...in the Algarve does not directly utilise tracking cookies.  Third party adverts or linked sites may use cookies.  Please view their policies on their websites.

We maintain no control over the content of externally linked websites, nor can we vouch for the veracity of claims made by advertisers using our facilities.

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