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Voices for All Occasions the Algarve

Music is an essential element for a special occasion. It provides atmosphere - joyful or solemn - and stirs the senses even when it is only a background accompaniment. It is a wonderful thing to hear a congregation singing with enthusiasm and love - and it can be even more wonderful to enjoy a trained choir blending its voices in the intertwined melodies of a fine piece of music.

Canticorum is a chamber choir based in São Brás de Alportel made up of the finest voices from the large choir Amigos do Museu. Being an international group, Canticorum sings in a wide range of languages, and the size of the choir can be adjusted to fit the event – anything from a quartet to the full group. The choir has a standing repertoire of songs from Medieval and Baroque to Romantic and Contemporary, but other songs can be provided for special occasions, given sufficient rehearsal time.

Most of the songs and hymns are performed unaccompanied, but the group includes musicians able to provide piano, organ, flute, recorder, psaltery and percussion accompaniment.

Canticorum are trained and conducted by Francisco Brazão, one of the leading professional singers and musicians in the Algarve.

In 2013 Walter decided to step down from both choirs and the baton was taken up by Francisco Brazão, a man who combines extensive qualifications in music teaching and voice training with great musicality.  Francisco not only has the musical knowledge of how a piece of music should be sung, but also knows how to get the best out of any voice.

Canticorum is a chamber choir of 16 voices that has its roots in the Coro dos Amigos belonging to the Amigos do Museu - founded by the splendid Walter Sulzer, whose life has always been carried along on a wave of music. The first meeting was of five people, but the choir quickly grew until nearly forty people were singing Walter’s favourite Baroque music.  Walter then chose some of the better singers to form Canticorum.

Having quite a few members who are trained musicians and others who have been used all their lives to singing in choirs and also solo - brings a professional attitude to its rehearsal sessions. Most of the group have some ability to sight-read a musical score, so a new song can be learned quite quickly and they are able to spend most of the rehearsal time in working on interpretation and performance.

Canticorum is a chamber choir capable of singing a wide range of fine, polyphonic music with spirit and delicacy, and who derive great pleasure from providing the musical element at weddings and other special ceremonies. the Algarve