Frequently Asked the Algarve

Frequently Asked Questions

   How much will your 'FREE' webpage cost me?
Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zip. Zilch.
There is no cost for the basic, STANDARD package.

   What do I get in the STANDARD package?
A human-edited webpage incorporating your text & graphics.
A relevant website address (
Directory entry under one heading.
Submission to Google search engine.

   Why do you give away free webpages?
In addition to the STANDARD package
we offer optional, paid-for PREMIUM and ULTRA packages.

   Why would I want to pay for the PREMIUM or ULTRA packages?
Because of the additional facilities they offer.
Full details of all packages can be seen HERE.

   I already use Facebook to advertise my business. Why do I need a webpage?
3 billion people use the internet. 1.25 billion use Facebook.
Can your business afford to ignore 1.75 billion potential customers?

   I already have a website. What does a page on the Algarve give me?
Increased exposure, both via the webpage and through the Directories.
Major companies regularly overlap their advertisements in the same media.
Adverts for the same products regularly appear on multiple
TV, radio, newspaper outlets - at the same time.
They do it. Why shouldn't you? There is no such thing as too much advertising

   There are other Algarve directories. Why should I use the Algarve and not those?
You should use the Algarve and any other form of advertising you can get.
Not every potential client will find you in the same manner.
Hedge your bets and go for the widest range of advertising possible.

   Do you offer anything the others don't?
Most likely. With the Algarve you get a unique, human-edited webpage.
 You get your own relevant domain name (
PREMIUM package users get relevant email
forwarding addresses (
The cost of upgrading to our PREMIUM services is a one time fee,
not a weekly, monthly or annual renewable one.