Silver Mask Theatre Group
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The Silver Mask Theatre Group is a mix of actors from all age, experience, nationality & anything else you can or can't imagine - a bunch of people who want to entertain & have fun as well as learn & create.

Silver Mask Thearte Group
                      ... in the Algarve
The group, directed by Jackie O’Grady, has delighted audiences with their performances of a variety of successful plays and shorter pieces. These range from the hugely impressive ‘Rhinoceros’ by Eugene Ionesco at the Theatre Gregorio Mascarenhas in Silves, to engaging dinner theatre, in the form of short plays and themed sketches. 

The Silver Mask Theatre Group have performed in theatres, dining rooms, amphitheatres and bars. ‘We are aiming to entertain our audiences as well as encourage actors to stretch themselves by performing in a range of styles and formats, and in a variety of spaces. This is fun, challenging and hugely rewarding’ Jackie says.

The Silver Mask Theatre Group also write some of their own material. "We always look for new talent." Summer 2014 also saw the debut of our mobile stage at Festival ‘Obrigado Portugal’, which can be set-up in and out-doors.